Victor Vic Johnson Obituary 98 - Ethel Johnson Obituary 03 Ethel

October 17, 1998
Victor Johnson died in his sleep (Friday night/Saturday morning).

Vic had been ill for many years but was always keeping busy with life things and never stayed "down" any longer than necessary to return to his life. He had just spent two days in the Veteran's Hospital in MPLS. He returned home because "he had many things to do" and (according to daughter Karen) he was planning a trip to "the Lake" on Saturday and made arrangements for doing that. Ethel discovered that he had died peacefully when she tried to wake him Saturday morning.

We have lost another "vibrant" family member whose spirit will be greatly missed among us!!

October 7, 2003
Ethel Johnson died in during the night. (Saturday night/Sunday morning).

Lucien and Ralph were at my home and called Karen to ask how we could visit with Ethel the next day (on Monday, 6 Oct 2003). Karen returned a call with the news that Ethel had passed away during the night.

Ethel was "always there" for us anytime we were together. Vic was the "general" and Ethel was always the willing "army" that made things work and happen. Her kind and gentle spirit was an inspiration to all of us.

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