Alma Klemetsrud (Thomas) Roots

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Family in Joplassen, Norway. 
        Holje Kristoffersen Vilhelmsbrotin (1810-1892)  and Anne Olsdotter Härvärdsonplassen (1832-1920)
                                           Married in 1857
|                       |                       |                       |                       |                       |
Siri (b1857)            Kristoffer (1858-1860)  Inger (b1863?)          Kristoffer (b1866-)     Olea (b1869-)           Anton (b1873-) 
  Married                                       | Married Jon                                     Married                 Married 
  Ole Arneson Kjensrud                          |                                                 Ole Olson               Karen Mathea
                                                |                                                                         Antonsdatter Gottenborg
- to Solhaug                                    | - to Klemmetsrud                                  - to Hagin            -to Hagin 

Family in South Klemmetscrud, Norway.
                               Jon Bjerke (maybe Jonsen) (1817-1901) and Inga Jacobsdatter (1817-1907)  
                                 Jon and Inga were married in 1844.
                                 Jon was known as "Big John" and had great strength.
                                 After Inga's death "little Jon's" family (our's) moved to the U.S.
|                      |                       |                       |                       |                       |
Jonas (b 1846)         Gunhild Marie (b 1847)  Inger (b 1851)          Halstein (b 1854)       Anne (b1857)            Jon (b 1862)  
  Moved to US in                                 (no children)                                                         |                                                                        
  1868. Probably                                                                                                       |
  became a "Johnson"                                                                                                   |
  and lived in MPLS.                                                                                                   |
  This may be the                                                                                                      |
  family Anne first                                                                                                    |
  visited in US                                                                                                        |
  when she came over.                                                                                                  |
                                                                            Inger Helgesdatter Joplassen (1862-1953)   Jon Jonsen Klemmentsrud (1862-1940)   
                                                                                                                         Inger and Jon married in 1887.
                                                                                                                         Moved to US 1909
|                  |                  |                  |                  |                   |                  |                   |
Johann (1887-1950) Helge (1889-1966)  Iver (1892-1892)   Anne (1893-1980)   Inger (1896-1990)   Alma (1899-1988)   Gunhild (1902-1996) Jorgine (1905-1997)
 (Jon)                                 (Eric?)
                                                         Married            Married             Married 1923       Married             Married 1927
                                                         Russel Hall        Kim Wong            Sebastian Thomas   John Zimmerman      Nathan Shapiro
                                                         (1888-1973)                            (1901-1978)        (1903-1976)         (1900-1988)

                                                         Children           Children            Children            Children           Children
                                                         Raemon (1913-1991) Gordon (1919-1992)  Shirley (1924-)     Vernon (1928-2004) Donna (1929-)
                                                         Audrey (1925-2003) Kenneth (1922-1987) Patricia (1927-)    Arlen (1931-2011)  Joan (1935_)
                                                                                                David (1935-)                          Linda (1944-)
                                                                                                James (1938-)

- This summer (1998) we made contact with the Klemmetsruds of Osage Iowa, in northern Iowa.
  Aunt Anne Hall said that little Jon first visited US and stayed with both a brother in MPLS (Jonas?)
  and a sister in Iowa (maybe around Osage, probably either sister Gunhild or Anne are the best possibilities).
  Anne came over and also visited these families before the whole family came to the US in 1909.
- Apparently Halstein bought or inherited the family land in Klemmetsrud and then latter sold some (or all)
  to Little Jon. They shared this ownership for a time.  There is no record in the material we have that
  clarifies what happened to Halstein. It is stated that Little Jon sold his land when he moved to the US.
- Little Jon reportedly visited US (maybe before marrying Inger??) then returned to Norway to take care of his
  parents until they died.  Is that when he bought into the family land holdings and shared with Halstein?
- Which sister might have moved to Iowa is unknown.   Whether she was married before coming or not is also unknown.
- Jonas move to the US in 1868 corresponded to the influx of many norwegians and most of the Klemmetsruds of Osage
  Iowa are included in that group. When Little Jon moved his family to US in 1909 there weren't apparently many new
  arrivals settling in Iowa. Is that why the family settled in Fox? I have the name Moen written down as a contact
  in the Fox area, but there are now Moens in that area now. There are many Moens in northwest Minnesota however.
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(Initial Information from Jim's Geneology and Ann's School Project - Family Tree)
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