Christmas 2007
in West St. Paul

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To Early Church Service

Ringing Handbells

Brailey At The Children’s Sermon

Wes with a relative

Dinner (between services)
Fruit Soup, Lefse, Potato Sausage, Meatballs, Potatoes
Carolyn made Klub and Grout for us
Delicious Snacks and Dessert

Room for 15?

(Little ones make a difference)

Gunner (Bonewell's Dog) is right in there with us!!

(Notice some "Pictures from the past" on the TV Screen)

Some of us went back to Church again
More Handbells at Late Service

Kyle is the director and is doing great!!

The Handbell hanging is one that I had made for Christmas In South St. Paul
one of the years that I directed that festival.
Salem purchased it and it is used for special times.

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