Western Trip - Jim & Jean

July, 2003

NOTE: Jim stopped by the house with his computer - almost 300 picts of the trip were transferred to my computer - and I enjoyed the pictures of the trip he and Jean had just completed (I missed picts of the picture taker but Jim says he is on the photos on Jean's camera).

I have selected a few here to share with you. Maybe Jim would send me some "captions" to place with the picts but even without then, I think you can get an idea. Jim said that Jean's favorite spot was to sit on the sea coast - she could sit there for hours - and you will see several photos of those kinds of things. The old apartment in Santa Monica was also a highlight - we visited with them one summer when they were in Santa Monica and went swimming at the beach. Shirley had just finished her chemo and the balloons were a part of the celebration for that event.

I remember "Jenny Lake" and the "Wildcat Hills" also .....

(I have moved this to a new server so things should work better - at least there are no popup windows, etc. It will still take a while to load (using a modem connection especially). I hope you will stay around long enough for all the pictures to load for you. Enjoy!)

  1. MOAB

  2. Las Vegas & Santa Monica

  3. Monterey

  4. Portland

  5. Tetons

  6. Nebraska

Installed 3 September 2003