Golf Anyone?

We kind of like this game but find it frustrating at times. Sometimes we get too serious about it but it is great to "do it together too". These pictures were taken on a golf outing on Sunday, 29 August 99 initiated (great idea) by Wes. I had my digital camera along and enjoyed looking at a few golf swings.

These images are "unedited" and are full size so they may take some time to load. With those of you on T1 or T3 lines that is probably not a problem but with a slower modem, it will take a while! I'll probably work on these but I wanted to make them available ASAP.

Have fun!! (I did!!!)

Joshua 8/29/99 (smallest download)

Nicholas 8/29/99

Tyler 8/29/99

Colleen 01 8/29/99

Colleen 02 8/29/99 (largest download)

I did this in October 1998 with Kyle also

Kyle 10/98