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Yard Picts
Summer 2008

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Irises are the first to bloom

Then the wonderful “yellow flowers” from Carolyn
(got to learn the name)

Ann / Carolyn gave me some Petunias for Father’s Day

(NOTE: That dilapidated tree house has to come down!)

Nearly the same color at the Peonies which came out shortly after

The “Spider Plants” have started as volunteers
(I need to separate and move them)

Mid Summer
(Some camera dates are incorrect - bad battery)

There were some "Water Problems" on Bellows
(Sidewalk Supervisors were observed)

By Mid August
(Flowers have grown)

Later in August
(Continued growth in dry conditions)
(Camera dates may be close here)

By Mid September
(Some Spider Plants are taller I am!)

Purple Flowers Have Appeared Also

Fall is starting to show
(29 September 2008)

(to be continued)

Thanks for looking!!

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