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May-June, 2006

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June - "Changing fast"
The elephant in the pictures with Brailey is her favorite toy right now. His name is Tolo. She laughs so hard when she plays with Tolo.
I am enjoying each and every day with Brailey! We are trying to establish the pattern of a morning nap and afternoon nap. She has the morning nap down and she sleeps for 3 hours, this morning she took it early and we slept. The afternoon nap is not as well established as far as the time, but I always have to wake her up from it. I am using a guideline that I read about 5 hours of naps during the day. It has helped us have 2 nights in a row where she sleeps through the night so I will keep trying.
She is starting to try and roll over. We are encouaging her to keep it up.
She is really talking much more also today than I have heard. (Sharon)

Installed 21 May 2006

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