Sharon's visit - Sept 10-14, 2003

Sorry, I don't get my camera out very readily. Carolyn started taking pictures with it at my house on Saturday (I was occupied with other things that day) and it inspired me to take some more later).

Sharon/Glynn stayed at Colleen/Matt's but we did get together - Thursday on a trip to visit Kyle at River Falls (the only day that we have had rain in 3 months) - Friday at Ann/Wes's - Saturday at the home place in WSP (Tim took my CV, Glynn stayed home studying, Tyler introduce Brittany to us and took Kyle back to RF in the evening, we had enough people for two football teams at Moreland: note - I was permanent center so I didn't have to run) - Sunday brunch at Colleen's and a little time on the lake (notice an unsure Sharon in the kayak - she had fun though).

I think there are a few nice picts. These picts are greatly reduced and cropped for web viewing. If you wish a copy of any picture (full version) for printing, just let me know. They are tooooooooo big to place on a web site but the quality is really quite nice.

(I have moved this to a new server so things should work better - at least there are no popup windows, etc. It will still take a while to load (using a modem connection especially). I hope you will stay around long enough for all the pictures to load for you. Enjoy!)

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