Kyle's 18th BD - August, 2003

Trying the camera out..... Should I use flash or not..... Can I hold it still so picts don't get blurry..... etc..... Someday I'll learn how to do it right.....

We had a BD for Kyle after he got home from IMC (he came home on his BD so this was delayed until we got together again at home - on Ann/Wes' anniversary - Aug 4 - Wes was out of town). Carolyn made her traditional Ice Cream to the delight of Nicholas....... (and everyone else).

(I have moved this to a new server so things should work better - at least there are no popup windows, etc. It will still take a while to load (using a modem connection especially). I hope you will stay around long enough for all the pictures to load for you. Enjoy!)

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