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Summer 2005

(Some variety summer 05 picts that are too few for separate pages.)

Nicholas - Baseball Tournament in Bell Plaine, MN
22 May 2005

Tyler - Trophy Fish in Canada
24 May 2005

Father’s Day
at Colleen’s
Boating and Dinner
(Colleen, Matt, Ben and I)

"Let's go over there!"

(Matt tried water skiing but the boat had too much weight to gain the necessary speed.)
Out came the tube

(Over he goes - Matt dumped Ben!)

(Getting new neighbors next door on Bellows)
Gillen’s Move Out
July 6, 2005

Kyle’s BD - 20 Years Old

... a picture of us racing two weeks ago when it was really windy outside...
The third guy's name on the boat is Sean.
The boat you can see to the left of us blew out their spinnaker
about 2 minutes after this picture was taken
so it was a really windy day. (Aug 1, 2005)

... Sharon/Glynn spent two weeks at Indiana University in Bloomington ...
(July 9 - July 23)

Nicholas / Daniel BD
19 Aug 2005
(Planned for Jim & Jean to be here - went home earlier in the day)

Well.... A new BD present as you can guess...

Tubbs was "going along" to the Lake so he was here...

Jim & Jean Visit
22 August 2005

... Nicholas Football Scrimmage at Benilde St. Margaret ...
(Hard to tell the players without numbers)
(Nicholas plays offense - left tackle -- He has a green jersey)

... Sharon/Glynn "Vacation" at Lantana Resort ...
(Aug 28)

Kyle stays with me for a week while working at River Falls
Here for my Birthday and we go to the Bonewell Cabin after this week

I hope you also noticed the flowers - see more flower detail below!

Yard Pictures 2005

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