Random Fall Pictures

Fall 2004
Fall is the (IMHO) the most beautiful season in Minnesota.

Bassoon Lessons on October 2

I've got to have some of this along my back fence!

The lesson must have gone pretty well!

The Next Week
Daniel came along to the lesson on Oct 9
(Carolyn was in class at Hamline!)
Had a chance to use the camera again!
Started at the dorm in River Falls

Then had to "spend some time" waiting for Kyle (in his lessons)
The Library turned out to be a good source for "spending time"!

Hmmmm.... a BIG set of checkers!

I looked at the fall colors in St. Anthony Park. (I have a one-track mind).

Lesson finished --- off to some lunch!

Lunch is over and -- WOW -- a job to be done!

After a shower and cleanup -- a different look!

Off to home (Hinckley and RF) again -- wonder if the van will sell this week?

May be the last look at this vehicle???

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I have the original pictures that I can send individually to you if you desire a better copy for printing.

Installed 8 Oct 2004