Summer 2004

Kilkarney Golf Course
River Falls, WI

October 2, 2004

I had just dropped Kyle off at UWRF and wanted something to do.
So....... I played 9 here......

"I finished as the sun was setting!"

The course was pretty flat (I only played the first nine)
The last two holes were a little challenging
Number Nine
(View from the tee box.)
The top of the hill is about 220 with the green still quite a way from there!
Have to be straight or trouble begins..........
"Nice finishing hole!"

This is view of Number 8 from the tee at 9.
(The 8 tee box it at the top of the hill on the right)
185 yards but if you go to the right..... water (that is where I was)!
"Glad I only had to climb DOWN this hill."

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