Summer 2004

Parkview Golfclub
"The Signature"

One views the beauty of Lebanon Hills Park from the green on Hole 6...
"It is tempting to stop here for a while, especially in the fall!"
(The colors were not as vivid as sometimes!)

(BTW -- That's Dave Docter with the "Toy Story Hat"!
Too far away to read it but he is proud of that hat!)





"The Monster"
Number 13 (any significance to the number?)

It is 260 yards to the turn which you can see...
and that is only half-way...
"Better hit a good one (or two or three or more)"!


The most unfair hole I know
This one finishes it - Number 18.

(Sometimes I'm tempted to just walk in after 17...)
"If you can't hit it straight, better not hit it tooooooooo far!"
(See the little opening in the trees - the green is a dogleg to the right!)
(220 yards straight is a good shot -- no farther -- no less)



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