Fall 2004

Braemar Golfclub
Edina, MN

8 October 2004
“BD of Alma Thomas (105) and Ben Pike (65)”

We cancelled yesterday because it was supposed to rain!
So where is the sun?

Number 22
The sun did come out!
to make a Beautiful Fall Day
The colors were about as “vivid” as I have ever seen!

"I climbed the hill to get here!"
Had to have a picture of the view!
185 yards -- we were on the green or just off with our shots

Number 24
"This one I dream about!"
The woods and the water gather many balls.
Got to go down the hill (I climbed it for the second time)! (water) right at the bottom
..and stay on the fairway (if you want to find your ball)
If you make it in the fairway, the second (and third) shots are just as challenging (more water)
We tried a few balls before we had success!
"230 yards doesn't hurt anything"
..better hit it straight though.. and ..
..anything under 150 (in the air) just doesn't make it..

Number 26
Aren't the colors beautiful!
We are on the way "up the hill" (to the green) for the third time
Didn't have enough energy to take a picture on the last hole (27) where Colleen got her "drive of the day".

"Lunch anyone?"
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